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What is VitalAlly?

The VitalAlly™ mobile platform connects families and care providers with patients who need care and want to maintain independence.

We all are getting older and will need help. As we age, we will lose our ability to manage our health and lifestyle. Unless we’re able to pay thousands a month for care, our families will be taking care of us while disrupting their lives, jeopardizing their jobs, and losing their independence.

The VitalAlly™ platform enables families and caregivers to collaborate virtually to help patients remain medically compliant and manage their disease so it doesn’t become chronic and life threatening. The platform consists of a unique suite of virtual collaboration tools all designed to collaborate on varying patient needs. Whether it’s sharing a special moment, paying for a caregiver, or reminding the patient to take their medication, VitalAlly replaces numerous texts, emails and phone calls, and handles payments.

Now everyone can be an active part of the care team while living far away or on the go through automated daily health reports that are securely transmitted to family members and outside providers.

Personal Story

VitalAlly™ comes from a personal story by our co-founder and CEO, Leslie. The process developed from a family story where her mother managed her diabetes for twenty-five years until she was diagnosed in 2015 with Alzheimer’s. Six months later, her diabetes became out-of-control, nearing blindness and hospitalization.

Leslie, living hours away, and her sister Lisa, living close by, came together in love and intervened to help her stay medically compliant. Within six months her A1C levels dropped by four points and she was happier, healthier, and continues to remain independent.

Lisa, Mom, and Leslie inspired
the creation of VitalAlly™

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We’re In This Together

Today millions provide care to parents, friends, siblings, and relatives in need living with an illness or chronic health condition. Without help, they will not be able to stay medically compliant resulting in hospitalization and life-threatening medical issues. We all want to be there for our loved ones while maintaining our own families, careers, and lifestyles.

It is estimated that 6 percent of the world population suffers from type 2 diabetes. Labeled a global health epidemic by the World Health Organization, rates of the disease increased dramatically from approximately 30 million cases in 1985 to 390 million by 2015.

There are 5.5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s dementia today and 1 in 10 are age 65 or older (10 percent).

Everyday in the U.S., 10,000 people are turning 65 until 2020. By 2050, 1 in 3 people will have diabetes in their lives and 15 million Americans will have Alzheimers.

The Facts:

each day are turning 65 until 2020

of the world population suffers from type 2 diabetes

seniors age 65 and over suffer from Alzheimer’s dementia

This will affect all of us. What would you do if you lived too far away to help your sister or brother with mom or dad, didn’t have the time to check in regularly, help with daily tasks, monitor vitals, or help with medical routine consistency? VitalAlly provides a safe virtual collaboration experience for all members of the care team. VitalAlly is your vital ally.

We Need Your Help

We are looking for family members, patients, and caregivers to participate in VitalAlly’s closed beta through early 2018.

Click below and join us in bringing VitalAlly™ to families everywhere.